Science and Art


I came across this line in the Guardian Weekly today, and felt moved to share it:

“The theory of general relativity is the scientific equivalent of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.”

That was attributed to Dr Pedro Ferreira, who’s Professor of Astrophysics at Oxford, so he probably knows what he’s talking about.

Bombing DAESH


The news has just come through – the UK Parliament has voted in favour of bombing DAESH in Syria as well as Iraq.  This is a victory for common sense as well as a boost for British self-respect.  The civilised world is confronting the closest thing to pure evil that we are likely to see in my lifetime.  For a nation with such a proud military history – not always a glorious one in moral terms, I concede – to stand back while others are stepping forward would have been a disgrace.

By the way, for the sake of balance, here’s a link to an article asserting that using the term ‘DAESH’ or ‘Daesh’ is silly.



I have not yet heard anything as egregious as, “Me went to the theatre last night; a friend gave I the ticket.”  But it will happen.  It is already as common to hear an assertion that something “cannot be underestimated” (when stressing the importance of something) as it is to hear the correct usage.

If this sort of thing makes you stroppy too, I recommend the list of 51 commonly misused words that I found in the Sydney Morning Herald.