Male Fashion


I know, I know.  Male fashion is an oxymoron.  But there are people who are trying to persuade men to jump onto the merry-go-round of waste and vanity that women have been riding for centuries.

Most of the time I can ignore this sad fact, thereby avoiding the onset of stroppiness.  But here in Armenia I have cable television and one of my 41 channels is FTV.  That stands for Fashion Television and it broadcasts wall-to-wall fashion parades.  Worse, some of those parades are for male models wearing… well, I suppose I have to call them clothes but they bear no resemblance to what real men really wear in the real world.

Have you ever seen a male fashion parade?  The poor blokes look as if they’re on drugs to dull the emotional pain of being made to look like twerps.  Is this a global feminist conspiracy to make men ridiculous?  Somebody out there must know something.  It’s time to blow the whistle!