About StroppyGit


I am an elderly white male, born in London, educated in Liverpool and Cambridge, now living in Australia.  By profession I am an economist and my work as a consultant has taken me all over the world.  I am still consulting, but also finding time to share my immense wisdom with the rest of the world.  Did I say wisdom?  Common sense might be a better term.  It sounds less pompous.

As well as blogging, I am writing fiction.  The first books (in the form of a science fiction trilogy and a manual on household management) have been published in e-book form.  A fifth was published in 2018 in conventional form – i.e. printed on paper and glued between covers.  But it was not a blockbuster; indeed the publisher went bust instead.  So that’s now an e-book together with a murder mystery sequel. Go to the ‘Books’ pages for more information and links.

I’ve finished writing another book – my first set in Australia – which has just failed to win the Hawkeye Prize.  I’ll tweak it in the light of the judges’ feedback and try again.  Meanwhile I’m working on another sci-fi trilogy and am about to start an online course on scriptwriting.

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