Books – The Eeks Trilogy / Goldiloxians

The Eeks Trilogy is still on sale at all the major e-book retailing sites as three separate books: Eeks, Speeks and Squidgies. But it is now available in a single e-volume too, entitled Goldiloxians.

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This is my first published work of fiction.  It addresses a range of issues facing humanity at the moment… our future relations with intelligent robots; how to care humanely for a fast-growing population of old people, many of them sick or demented; how to extend the life of our species beyond the time when Earth provides us with a safe habitat.

It’s classified as science fiction in the listings, there being a limited range of genres to chose from. But it sits uneasily alongside most other modern sci-fi books. So on the cover (below) there is a new classification: Social Science Fiction. It’s less about the science than about human responses to the changes forced upon us by advances in science.

I’ve self-published the books as e-books only.  This is because publishers (and even literary agents) are not much interested in new authors; and I’m unwilling to stump up several thousand dollars to have books printed by a ‘vanity publisher’.  So you can download the books to a specialised e-reader in one of several e-book formats, or as a .pdf file to an ordinary computer.  (However, I’m now trying to take advantage of Amazon’s system that prints a proper book, on actual paper, and sends it to the buyer. It’s taking a while and giving rise to much gritting of teeth and swearing, because Amazon knows that the best writing is born of suffering.)

The first book (Eeks) is irresistibly priced at US$0.99.   The other books (Speeks and Squidgies) are priced at US$2.99.  Goldiloxians gives you all three books for a mere US$4.99. I don’t like the $n.99 pricing policy either, but it’s traditional.

They are all available at at Amazon/Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes&Noble, fnac, Gardners, inktera, Kobo, Overdrive, Scribd, Smashwords, Sony, WHSmith and others.

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Book 1 – Eeks

Book 2 – Speeks

Book 3 – Squidgies


There’s an interview with me at the same website, in case you’re interested.  Click here to read it.

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Book 1 – Eeks

Book 2 – Speeks

Book 3 – Squidgies



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