Books – The Eeks Trilogy / Goldiloxians

The Eeks Trilogy is still on sale at all the major e-book retailing sites as three separate books: Eeks, Speeks and Squidgies. But it is now available in a single e-volume too, entitled Goldiloxians.

Goldiloxians-72dpi-1500x2000 (2)

This is my first published work of fiction.  It addresses a range of issues facing humanity at the moment… our future relations with intelligent robots; how to care humanely for a fast-growing population of old people, many of them sick or demented; how to extend the life of our species beyond the time when Earth provides us with a safe habitat.

It’s classified as science fiction in the listings, there being a limited range of genres to chose from. But it sits uneasily alongside most other modern sci-fi books. So on the cover (below) there is a new classification: Social Science Fiction. It’s less about the science than about human responses to the changes forced upon us by advances in science.

I’ve self-published the books as e-books only.  This is because publishers (and even literary agents) are not much interested in new authors; and I’m unwilling to stump up several thousand dollars to have books printed by a ‘vanity publisher’.  So you can download the books to a specialised e-reader in one of several e-book formats, or as a .pdf file to an ordinary computer.

The first book (Eeks) is irresistibly priced at US$0.99.   The other books (Speeks and Squidgies) are priced at US$2.99.  Goldiloxians gives you all three books for a mere US$4.99. I don’t like the $n.99 pricing policy either, but it’s traditional.

They are all available at at Amazon/Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes&Noble, fnac, Gardners, inktera, Kobo, Overdrive, Scribd, Smashwords, Sony, WHSmith and others.

Click on these links to find out more at Smashwords, and buy if you wish:

Book 1 – Eeks

Book 2 – Speeks

Book 3 – Squidgies


There’s an interview with me at the same website, in case you’re interested.  Click here to read it.

If your an Amazon/Kindle subscriber, use the following links:

Book 1 – Eeks

Book 2 – Speeks

Book 3 – Squidgies



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