Good Advice for Good Health


My friend Ron Allan forwards a lot of interesting material to me, and I acknowledge him as the source of the following two slivers of good advice:
     Dietary:  “Eat what grandma used to eat.”
     Life style: “Exertion and exercise, like grandpa used to do.”

That’s not an either/or thing, by the way.  If you eat dripping sandwiches and treacle pudding, as many grandmas did not so long ago, you need to do 10 hours of hard physical labour six days a week.

Vacancies at the Midland Bank


The other day I came across this advertisement in a British newspaper, dated 1960.

Scan_MidlandBankAd_1960 001

I think it’s an interesting capsule of social history. Single ladies could apply for permanent employment, with pension rights and the promise of a gratuity on marriage.  Married ladies were restricted to temporary employment, but at the same rates of pay.

You may, like me, be intrigued by the bank’s address. Poultry is still a road in the commercial heart of London.  It runs for 100 metres between Cheapside and Cornhill, immediately to the south-west of the Bank of England and close to Grocers’ Hall Court, Old Jewry and Ironmonger Lane.  It was where chickens were sold 500 years ago.

I love places that retain their history in their names – and in their monuments (see my earlier post ‘Cecil Rhodes and Other Reminders’). There was a call to change the name of Liverpool’s Penny Lane, made famous by The Beatles, because it was named after the slave-trader James Penny.  I’m glad to say that the good Councillors decided against a change.