Nanny Gym


Three times a week I go to a nearby gym called Goodlife to pump iron and such. When I go away for more than a couple of weeks I tell them and show them my itinerary: they charge me a reduced membership fee while I’m away.  It works well, and having that facility was an important criterion when I was choosing a gym.

I returned from such a trip a few days ago and resumed my usual work-out schedule. This morning I received this by email:


What?! They think I’ve been skiving!  They think I’m weak-willed and under-motivated!  They think I need a computer to nanny me and give me a nudge!  But they know I’ve been away!!

I hit the reply button to give them a dose of stroppiness. Then I noticed the address from which the offending email came:

Foiled again.  That ‘noreply’ is a pretty good hint that this is a one-way conversation.