What is so hard about distinguishing between the nominate and accusative cases?!  How can people with even a slight knowledge of good English literature say things like “Me and the wife went to the flicks last night.”  Have we ever heard the Queen start a speech with “Me and the Duke went to Africa this year…”?

And the same people mess up the other way round as well.  Even on the radio people say “Between you and I” and…  I won’t go on.  You can compile your own list of appalling howlers.  I’m already working myself into a dangerous state of stroppiness.  I will sit quietly and contemplate split infinitives.  That usually calms me.

One thought on “J’accusative

  1. And what about new words that worry me- I first saw ‘male’ and ‘female’ toilets at London Heathrow Airport but it is spreading and it always leaves me feeling uneasy, grammatically speaking, but I am not sure why. I, as an engineer before, thought that I knew of only ‘male’ connectors and ‘female’ connectors (description for obvious reasons). What happened to ‘men’ ‘women’ ‘gentlemen’ and ‘ladies’ and is the new version correct? I also enjoy, when coming back to UK signs the natives do not notice ‘disabled toilets’ -who broke them? or adverts- Drug Abuse Officer required- sounds a good job!


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