Serious Questions


The other day I said to Mrs SG, “There’s no moisturiser in the bathroom.”

“Yes, there is,” she replied, “in the usual place.”

I looked again and updated her: “No, that spot is now occupied by a 225g pot of Avocado Olive & Basil Skin Nourishing Body Butter.”

“That,” she said patiently, “is moisturiser.”

I used it – sparingly because it looked expensive – and two questions formed in my mind:

1.  When something has a name that is universally recognised and understood, why would anyone want to invent a new one for it?

2.  Why do women think it’s good to rub fruit and vegetables into their skin and hair?

In case the 2nd question seems a bit sexist, I offer 2 alternatives:

2a.  If one eats fruit and vegetables they are processed by intestinal microbes, releasing nutrients that enter the blood stream and are carried around the body to where they are needed.  How does nourishment occur if the microbes are bypassed?

2b.  If rubbing fruit and vegetables into the skin and hair is a good thing to do, why don’t men do it?

If you know the answer to any or all of these questions, please do tell me.


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