Being 70


Three days ago, at about 0400 GMT, I reached the biblically significant age of 70. I went to the post office to collect the last few days of incoming mail and found, in addition to a card from an old student chum, a letter from the State Government of South Australia.  I tore it open excitedly, expecting it to be a request to help with re-strategising the state economy following the end of the mining investment boom.  But it was my Seniors Card and a booklet telling me about the discounts I could get with it.

Oh well, what’s next? Aha!  A letter from the Commonwealth Government of Australia.  I can guess what that’s about.  Prince Philip has sent back his knighthood – would I like it?  I tore that open even more excitedly, to find an invitation to take part in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.

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