Smile !


For years I was reluctant to smile in a full-scale, open mouthed, toothy sort of way. Now I do it all the time – so much so that people are reluctant to sit next to me on buses.

Why? Last year I had some dental work done, of a frankly cosmetic nature.  The pictures below show what can be done by an expert over a dozen-or-so sessions.  I haven’t labelled them ‘Before’ and ‘After’ but I think you can work it out.  I’m amazed at how bad my teeth got before I succumbed to pressure to do something about them.  I’m equally amazed at the extent of the transformation.



You will want to know the name of the miracle-worker, and if your teeth are half-as bad as mine were you’ll want to know his address too. He is Dr Vatche Kishmishian, Oral and Dental Surgeon at the Avanta Dental Clinic at 5 Zakyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia.  The ’phone number is +374 10 521195.

What Vatche did in my mouth cost about US$2,000. If you live in Australia or the USA it could be worth an airfare and a month’s rent for a Yerevan apartment to let him work his magic on you too.

One thought on “Smile !

  1. I just had a crown restored here in Brisbane. It needed a post to attach the crown, and the cost was US$2,000. I assume 10 top and 10 bottom teeth were treated with procelain overlays.


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