Selective Schools


This is a very short post. I just want to give you a link to this article in the Sydney Morning Herald. The author is Yan Zhai, a Year 12 student, pictured alongside. She writes with elegance and clarity, and persuasively I think.

I confess to being a fan of selective education. Comprehensive schools are wonderful and egalitarian, and I know that Finland has them and always tops the rankings in educational achievement. But we need an elite trained for leadership. That requires a superior moral as well as technical education.

Anyone disagree . . . ?



One thought on “Selective Schools

  1. When I was at school (40s and 50s) NZ “streamed” students according to academic ability. The dummies did horticulture. I did mathematics and languages. It worked wonderfully. With one flaw. Girls (other than the clever ones) tended to be encouraged to do do the Commercial course. That way they could become accounting clerks and typists– women’s work.

    Later, streaming stopped. The argument was that the bright should mix with the dumb to equip them for the real world. Stupid. For most of the week that was happening anyway. The result of that policy was bored stunting of the clever kids (or so I believe, without the evidence to back it up).

    I am very much in favour of “elitism” in the sense of your blog.


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