Lacrosse and the Liberals


I like our MP and I hope he retains his seat at the next election. But this flyer, found yesterday in our letterbox, appals me. On the back it explains that Burnside Lacrosse Club has received a grant of A$154,000 from the Federal Government to upgrade their changing rooms.

What the hell is the Federal Government doing funding local sports clubs?!!

I want to know when we’re going to have an energy policy; radical measures to combat climate change; effective law enforcement in the finance sector; and a defence capability to deter a big aggressive neighbour.

Meanwhile the lacrossers of Burnside can change in the comfort of their own homes and travel to/from the ground in their gear.

2 thoughts on “Lacrosse and the Liberals

  1. You’re quite right, Berk. I think my elder sister played lacrosse at school, but I don’t recall any odour from her equipment. Does the unsafety that you mention apply to the travelling players or to their fellow-passengers?


  2. You have obviously never smelled used lacrosse equipment or have any idea about the sport. It would be extremely unsafe to commute to training and games wearing the equipment. Stroppy git indeed.


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