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When I came close to finishing my sci-fi trilogy (The Eeks Trilogy) all the experts said, “You must start a blog. People will read your blog and then they will want to buy your books.”  So I did.  So far it has not attracted enough interest to crash the servers.

Then when I decided to self-publish The Eeks Trilogy in the form of e-books, available through the big online retailers, the experts said, “The key to self-publication is clever use of social media.”  So I hired a social media consultant to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts and feed interesting titbits daily to the world, whipping up a frenzy of fascination.

It’s early days, I know, and as Mrs SG keeps reminding me.  But ‘Eeks‘ has been available FREE for 13 days and the download tally is only 104.  Did J K Rowling have to wait this long for overnight success?!

One thought on “Social Media

  1. Listening to management gurus? If Golden Rule 1 doesn’t work, recommend Golden Rule 2.
    In the 90s Tom Peters peddled: diversify! spread the risk!
    The next decade it was: core competencies! stick to the knitting! don’t dissipate scarce management resources!
    Try early, try often.
    Something will (may) work.
    I haven’t had time to read. Still finishing my Dhaka and Honiara jobs.


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