I am stroppy as hell about the sabotaging of a canal supplying water to New Delhi by a caste that wants to be officially recognised as ‘backward’ in order to benefit from positive discrimination in matters of education and employment. There is a good account of it here at the BBC website. This photo is from the same source:


I do understand the Jats’ problem.  They’re a farming caste and have been quite prosperous, but now they see better opportunities for their children in the cities.  And they see those opportunities being taken up by people who have historically been their social inferiors – people from lower castes who are given preferential access to universities and government jobs.  They want some of that preferential treatment for themselves, and if that means being branded ‘backward’, well, so be it.

But I’m inclined to brand them ‘criminal’, ‘sociopathic’, ‘violent’ and ‘reckless’. If it were up to me the only thing they’d be given would be long prison sentences – with hard labour, like repairing the canal.

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