Factual Error!


Factual errors don’t bother Donald Trump, but I just can’t rest easy knowing I’ve published something untrue.  It happened in the Two Statues post a couple of weeks ago, so I published a correction.  And it’s happened again with HM4MEN – not just an error in my post about HM4MEN but an error in the virtual pages of the very book itself!

But this time, instead of pulling the book off the virtual shelves and correcting it, I am going to give my blog readers a chance to find the error and win a prize.  The first person to find and correct the error in a comment posted to StroppyGit.com will get a free copy of my next novel ‘Bobby Shafter’ and a post extolling their cleverness!

I should add that this offer applies only to the specific error that I myself have spotted, not to any other real, imaginary, illusory, supposed or alleged error.  OK?

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