That’s a new word: Intrusic.  It means ‘intrusive music’.  I’m getting increasingly stroppy about musical accompaniments to television programmes that do not need them – documentaries for example.

It’s often difficult to understand what people are saying anyway because of their different accents; or their insistence on sprinkling their speech with redundant words such as “So”, “Like” and “Y’know”; or the distraction of their waving their hands about (see randomly selected photos below).  Adding music to the mix just makes it harder still.  If anyone from the BBC or CNN or some similar organisation reads this – please stop it!

Handwaving1 Handwaving2

It’s mainly broadcasters such as the BBC World News channel that I have in my sights because they are specifically targeting an international audience.  If I have difficulty understanding what people are saying in my native language, what must it be like for someone listening in their second, third or fourth language?

You get my point.  Stop it.  Now.  All of you.

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