Hotel Showers


I judge a hotel on its fulfilment of a few basic conditions:

  • Helpful staff.
  • Free wi-fi.
  • A fridge uncluttered with overpriced mini-bar stuff.
  • Separate waste bins in the bedroom and the bathroom.
  • Separate, decent-sized bars of soap for the basin and the shower.
  • A shower that I can stand under without using one of my hands to hold it up.

I recently stayed at a hotel that failed dismally on the last of these. Luckily I always travel with a coat-hanger made of very thin wire. This is how I had to shape it to hook the shower head on the top rail of the shower screen:


Do you have items that you carry around to rectify hotels’ deficiencies?

2 thoughts on “Hotel Showers

  1. I judge a hotel on its showers too. It must be a family failing, I insist on a showet head that is mobile and reaches everywhere, exactly the opposite of your preference. Congratulations on your caot hanger adaptation, though. It might make life easier for my type of person if the idea spreads!
    Your sister.


  2. i carry lots of stuff, screwdrivers, Vietnamese coffee dripper, mini immersion heater to boil the water, and far more, such that my suitcase weights 16kg when stored, waiting for my next trip. Most importantly I as far as hotels are concerned I carry 100W light bulbs, one bayonet and one Edison screw. I also have Baygon mosquito tabs that can release their stuff by putting them on top of a hot globe (but not cold LED).


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